Welcome to InCred Money

Here’s what we believe - Smarter investing should be for everyone.

What you do with your money today can change how you live tomorrow. That’s the power of investing right. We have built InCred Money to give everyone a chance to do that.

Democratize Alternate Investing

At InCred Money, we are solving for the two main problems that investors face when wanting to invest in Alternate Assets.


You will have access to alternative investment opportunities which were earlier available only to High-Net-Worth individuals and Corporates. These opportunities are now available to you too and you can now start investing with as low as ₹10,000.


We know it’s hard to trust when it comes to investing. We are here to change that. Every decision we make is centered around your need and convenience, and to earn your trust. We are simplifying the entire process to make it very easy for you to be in control of your investments.

InCred Money was launched in May 2023 with the acquisition of Orowealth, one of the pioneers of the digital wealth ecosystem and a leading investment platform with an AuM of ₹1,150+ Cr.

Under the InCred fold, InCred Money will have significant competitive advantages with access to a deep network of issuers and industry leading credit & risk assessment capabilities. In addition to its fintech capabilities, InCred Money will also have the added advantage of the support of a large financial services organization. This will greatly help in the journey of making alternate assets easy, trustworthy, and lucrative for the end investor.

The Team

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Vijay Kuppa

Vijay Kuppa Image
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Sai Vamsi KRB
Head of Growth

Abhishek Verma image

Abhishek Verma
Sr. Staff Software Engineer

Varun Shah image

Varun Shah
Content & Strategy Lead

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Ashish Oswal
Investments Sales Lead

Priyansh Saxena Image

Priyansh Saxena
Head of Customer Experience

Yash Shah image

Yash Shah
Product Manager

Our Investors

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Preetam Patnaik

Saumya image

Saumya Mittal

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Akshat Shrivastava

InCred Group

InCred is a new-age diversified financial services group that has established a strong reputation across multiple businesses in the rapidly evolving Indian financial services market.

bhupi incred CEO

Our Vision

To build a world-class financial services brand that meets the economic needs of every Indian family and plays a meaningful role in shaping the country’s financial ecosystem.

Bhupinder Singh
Founder & Group CEO, InCred